Will McCains Health Plan benefit you?

Question by Logic Lost And Found: Will McCains Health Plan benefit you?
McCain wants to keep the same health insurance plan that we have now. The only difference is that he says he will give us all a $ 5,000 rebate to buy our own health insurance.


I wish Obama would’ve mentioned this. Anyway, would you pay for health insurance just in case you catch something in this year ($ 1400+) when you could pay down your bills, and save your credit?? Or, Get a new cell phone, car, plasma, condo, clothes, etc.

Moose- What is your deductible on that $ 450 a month plan?

I’m 28, self-employed and although I am lucky enough to have minimal debt, I am not going to waste my money year after year, since when I do buy health insurance (For $ 1800 a year in NYC), I never end up having to go to the doc (knock on wood). I just live with the fear of going through what my very best friend who at age 29, has endured- 4 bouts of chemo to combat cervical cancer.

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Answer by bikerphilosopy
Hell No

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7 thoughts on “Will McCains Health Plan benefit you?”

  1. No, it would not help me because I’m self employed and I have to pay for all of my insurance by myself. I would benefit if I was an employee of someone else that got healthcare as a benefit. The only debt I have is my student loan, which has a great interest rate.
    To the guy that says that people should live more responsibly, it wound’t be a matter if the price of healthcare and medicine wasn’t so overly inflated. I went to get birth control last week, my prescription was $ 50! I mean come on! I’m not asking for a free ride but I shouldn’t be gouged either! IT’s bad enough the cost of food and gas have gone up but my no baby pills too? They used to be $ 15, then $ 20, then $ 25 and then i bought a bunch at once(8 months worth then my doctor gave me three month samples for free when I got my pap smear) because I was moving to another and didn’t want to deal with transfering the prescription. The price was radically different from one state to another(same product!). What the heck! It’s not about a free ride, it’s about fair and accessible care. If i didn’t do well enough for myself to pay my own healthcare and worked at someplace like Walmart, I would not have been able to pay for any medication. It’s just too darn expensive with the cost of living going so high.

  2. Yes it will. Just looked up the cost of private insurance for my wife and myself and it will be about $ 450 per month. We are retiring at an early age and will need to buy our own, we are too young for medicare by several years so yes it will really help us, Neither of our employeers offer health insurance to retirees for free as it is now, we can still get it from them at a cost of over $ 800.
    As far as out debt goes, wwe have our mortgage with only 5 years left to pay. Our vehicles are paid and our credit cards have all been paid, so we are sitting pretty well.

  3. The other part of the deal is that if your employer currently pays for part of your health insurance, that money does not count as your taxable income. Under McCain’s plan, you would have to pay taxes on it. So in other words, he would be raising your income taxes.

    So no, I don’t think McCain’s plan would benefit me.

  4. Considering the average american would not buy insurance even if they can afford it for the reason that they believe the government needs to take care of them it would not matter much. On the other hand the average person can obtain insurance for a lot less than $ 5000 a year, which I would like to see that if you do not buy your own, you do not receive the money or even a tax credit for it. I would rather have this then a government health plan where the government decides what services or treatment I would be allowed to receive and when. Many insurance policies are less than $ 4000 per year for an adult.

  5. Exactly why the Democrats love Obama.

    I want someone to pay my Healthcare, cause I would rather have a New Cell Phone, or a TV….

    If people would LIVE RESPONSIBLY they wouldnt be in this situation.

    So why should people who work hard and live responsible have to bail-out those that choose not to?

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