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State Farm® – A Brief Overview of State Farm’s Claims Process

State Farm® - A Brief Overview of State Farm's Claims Process

Having an accident or enduring a catastrophe can be a very stressful thing, but we don’t think settling an insurance claim should be. You can report your cla…

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comparison of car compare auto insurance rates by state

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Average Car Insurance Rates By State Best Car Insurance

Check out these car insurance rates products:

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Q&A: Does the “talking on your cell phone while driving” ticket effect your insurance now? *CALIFORNIA STATE LAW*?

Question by fivebodyblade: Does the “talking on your cell phone while driving” ticket effect your insurance now? *CALIFORNIA STATE LAW*?
This is a California State Law question (although maybe this law is federally mandated now, I’m not sure). Anyways, back in July of 2009, I received one of those $ 250 or so tickets for talking on my cell phone while driving. When the ticket was issued, the police officer was adamant about this ticket NOT being a moving violation and therefore NOT effecting my insurance. I also called my insurance provider shortly after and they confirmed what the officer told me. Fast forward to 2011, and I switched insurance providers and low and behold it now counts as a moving violation. I am not trying to fight this thing, it is just very much bugging me that the law might have changed without me knowing. Knowledge is power after all and I prefer to be in the know (especially when it comes to laws.) So please, can anyone who is educated in the field of law let me know if the law has indeed changed to a moving violation in the past two years? Also a bonus would be if anyone could tell me when it changed (greatly appreciated but not at all necessary)? Thank you in advance! Also, I made a judgment call as to what forum I posted this in. It was a toss up between the “Law Enforcement” forum and the “Car Insurance” forum. I went with law enforcement because my question is about the law itself (not about why my insurance premium raised). I hope this was a wise choice and that there are some current police officers reading this that may be able to provide me with a quality answer.

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Answer by gomanyes
A cell phone ticket is not a moving violation, and does not result in any points on your DMV record. The law has not changed. However, an insurance company is free to raise your rates for non-moving violations if they choose to do so. It seems like your new insurance carrier does so.

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