Sales Techniques – How to sell life insurance – Ask Evan

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18 thoughts on “Sales Techniques – How to sell life insurance – Ask Evan”

  1. How to sell Life insurance- get every one to get OBSESSIVELY PARANOID ABOUT
    THE TINY!!!!!!! CHANCE OF THEIR UNTIMELY DEATH lol and make them believe
    your family cant be even a penny worse off after your death (that they cant
    just expect that this very unlucky tragedy will effect their lives
    financially and make just have to work harder) jeeze money aint everything

  2. You can’t spend more than $50 on each customer however. So going to a
    Cleveland Indians game, sure. Be careful not to spend more than that or you
    can lose your license for rebating.

  3. hay Evan it was really nice….. I recently started life insurance
    consultancy…. definitely this will help …!!!!

    Expecting for more videos …

  4. I love the idea that if I share my passions with people that I like hanging
    around then people can get to know me and want to buy life insurance from

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