Mysteries & Scandals Clara Bow

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9 thoughts on “Mysteries & Scandals Clara Bow”

  1. Clara Bow has got have the most gorgeous look of the time she is so ,not
    beautiful but she has that cheeky look .she must have been so much fun .

  2. another tragic & confused life. wish places like Hollywood would stop the
    hell disappointing ppl and others (like her mom) be more responsible. 

  3. I don’t think there was any mystery to Clara ..Hollywood used and abused
    her so much that, like so many movie stars …she cracked under the
    pressure . I was pleased she espaped from their clutches to liv a normal
    life , with a good man on a ranch .

  4. I’ve read a lot about her life. Her father had a cafe in downtown
    Honolulu……..The building was near the “Royal Mint”, and opposite the
    Hardrock Cafe……Pics on the wall showed silent film stars when I visited
    back in 1991.Sadly the folks behind the counter of what was then termed a
    “diner” had taken the old place over and knew nothing, and much less cared
    anything about the history of it. Clara Bow was ahead of her time…….

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