Mysteries & Scandals Charlie Chaplin

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17 thoughts on “Mysteries & Scandals Charlie Chaplin”

  1. If i may notice something…How would I say it…I m from Serbia and my
    English is not so poetic like it should have to be if I want to compare
    Nikola Tesla and Charles Chaplin. Those who know who I talk about will
    recognize both immigrants who were invented 20thcentury and far beyond.
    Just as all great minds in human history, they both were loved and admired
    and later at some point, rejected. Tesla and Chaplin shared the same ideals
    and they lived in the same period. I wonder how come they were not any
    closer. Tesla invented radio , the same instrument that Chaplin speak about
    in his Hitler parody movie. They both were fighters for better mankind in
    the wrong society another words. Tesla was accused to be a mad scientist
    and he lost all financial funds while Chaplin was marked as red communist.
    We don t have to wait anymore time to tell us who was wrong!? I believe it
    is all clear that they did not fit in USA according to those who own money
    and power fighting not for better mankind but for profit. In every movie
    that Chaplin has been made I saw one message: love. Not that love we often
    see today as happy and wealthy but Love when you eat with one spoon. Well,
    You tell me?

  2. Lita Grey was 16 at the time of her affair with Chaplin, not “12 or 13.”
    People had shorter life expectancies 90 years ago and married younger,
    sometimes much younger. Sorry if that offends modern sensibilities, but
    it’s a part of the story being carefully omitted here. I suspect the
    producers are more interested in the scandal quotient than relevant
    historical context.

  3. The robbers plan was to dig up the grave, remove the body, then keep making
    the hole deeper. Rebury the body, then fill the hole back up. The problem
    was that the ground was too wet and soft for that so they took the body and
    buried it in a cornfield about a mile away from their home. After the
    robbers were caught they led people to where the body was eventually.
    Because they had forgotten where it was. Oona liked the place so much she
    said, “In a way, it’s a shame that we found him!’” Eugene (their son)
    remembers. The body was reburied and sealed with a slab of concrete. The
    owner of the cornfield put up a plaque that said, :Chaplin had briefly
    rested here.”
    There is a movie, a comedy about this incident called The Price of
    Fame. And it has the Chaplin family blessing as well. Eugene and Dolores
    are even in the movie.

  4. I literally hate Google +. I want to post as my YouTube User Profile, but
    I’m not using my YouTube App ATM. Google + truly sucks. At least make it
    easy for me to switch between my User Profiles. I had YouTube about 6 years
    before Google + and have NO DESIRE to merge the two.

    That said, Chaplin was a genius!

  5. he was a tramp ; he was his persona , and a fiction is how he lived ;
    speaks for the american way ; its fakery and quackery too ; not funny , not
    anything but an ugly fake and he indulged in things that a very inadequate
    tramp would indulge in ; some might refer to it as a perversion but living
    a fake life as he did , made what anyone else might find offensive or might
    drag us all down ; completely irrelevant ; his arrogance and vanity are a
    legend now 

  6. I can’t believe the ignorance on this blog. Have any of you read his life?
    Unbelievable! Please, do yourselves a favor and READ A BOOK! Geez….That
    is if you can pull yourselves from the remote and Duck Dynasty. 

  7. This is slanted, sensationalistic trash. At 10:11 the documentary labels
    The GREAT DICTATOR as “Chaplin’s political faux pas,” and defines the
    film’s anti-genocide, anti-antiSemitic tone as “pro-communist,” without
    once admitting it was also a heroic stance that history has more than
    proven correct. It also mentions HUAC and J. Edgar Hoover’s attempts to
    deport Chaplin, never bothering to point out, just in the interests of
    fairness, the many skeletons in their own respective closets. 

  8. First inaccuracy at 4:22 – Buster Keaton never worked a day at Mack
    Sennett’s studio. So much for research on the part of the producers.

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